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At Edina Orthodontics, we are committed to providing high quality orthodontic care in a caring and comfortable environment. We've proudly served patients in the Edina, Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Bloomington and Richfield area for over 40 years.

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"We are so pleased with the care you have give to Christian and Anna over the years. You are all so kind and friendly and genuinely care about our family. I also like the fact that we don't have to miss school for routine appointments, which is really helpful. Thanks for everything!"

Review Verified on 8/8/2017
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"Dr. Vayda and her team are the best at patient care. They always explain what's happening so I know what to expect."

Review Verified on 8/5/2017
"Two year's went by quickly. I was excepting Ben would have more pain with the adjustments so it was a nice treat. My only concern came when the idea of removing teeth was discussed. The concern was based on a family member who had teeth removed for braces and now over 50 and his teeth are caving in due to the teeth extraction. Dr. Bowlby was receptive to my concern and in the end no teeth were removed. His teeth look great! Thank you."

Review Verified on 7/25/2017
"Always helpful and kind, is able to get me in and out quickly, makes sure I understand my responsibilities."

Review Verified on 7/21/2017
"We love the great care and the friendly environment here!"

Review Verified on 7/12/2017
"Fabulous, courteous service from Edina location staff. Always cheerful, helpful & ready to reschedule or address inevitable domestic complications. Takes some of the tedium out of those two years+ of appointments. You'll leave with a smile."

Review Verified on 7/10/2017
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"Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at edina orthodontics. The staff have been friendly and did a very good job explaining what they were doing and how I should properly care for my teeth. Scheduling appointments was always a breeze, and the free wifi and waiting room area are very nice. I only have one small gripe. The last time I went in, I just had a quick retainer check up. I came in on time and ended up waiting a very long time though, about 20-25 minutes for something that only took 15 minutes. This was a little bit disappointing."

Review Verified on 7/1/2017
"it was on time which i liked. He was very assertive and updated us on a lot of new /old news. He was thoughtful, gentle, and kind. It was pretty good."

Review Verified on 6/23/2017
"Our Orthondontics experience went so smoothly - Everything from the ease of scheduling appointments, location, friendly staff and expert care! We thank you!"

Review Verified on 6/9/2017
"Thank you, Edina Ortho!"

Review Verified on 5/30/2017
"Great experience. Everyone wonderful & patient to work with."

Review Verified on 5/23/2017
"Edina Orthodontics did an excellent job! My teeth look better than ever and I love it! I am really grateful to my doctor, nurses and receptionists. You guys are the best! Thank you do much for your hard work;)"

Review Verified on 5/1/2017
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"We love Edina Ortho!"

Review Verified on 5/1/2017
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"So much support! Thank you"

Review Verified on 4/27/2017
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"Amazing experience and excellent customer service."

Review Verified on 4/26/2017
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"Our two older boys have beautiful smiles......it's now time for our third son!"

Review Verified on 4/26/2017
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"This place is great! They always make the time for me when I have an emergency. They do a terrific job!"

Review Verified on 4/25/2017
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"I love going here, the staff is so nice and accommodating. They do a great job!!"

Review Verified on 4/25/2017
"Wonderful, caring and supportive staff!"

Review Verified on 4/24/2017
"Thank you for your excellent service."

Review Verified on 4/19/2017
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"I love everyone and everything at Edina Orthodontics. They are truly a pleasure and have done an amazing job with both my kids. Thank you !!!!! Trudy is a joy !!!"

Review Verified on 4/13/2017
"Great staff. Friendly and on time."

Review Verified on 4/11/2017
"Edina Orthodontics did a great job! The staff was very friendly, supportive, and talented."

Review Verified on 4/5/2017
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"Everyone was very friendly and put my son at ease!"

Review Verified on 4/1/2017
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"LOVE my ortho!! So great and never disappointed."

Review Verified on 3/16/2017
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"Arrived for a retainer check and the office had no power. The entire office was still in motion, making things work and still very upbeat and fun. My daughter needed an adjustment and the ortho was able to make it, even without power."

Review Verified on 3/8/2017
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"We love Edina Orthodontics! Murphy had a great experience here and the entire team is fabulous! We highly recommend Edina Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 3/6/2017
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"Great place, friendly and knowledgable."

Review Verified on 2/28/2017
"We have been coming to Edina orthodontics since 2007 and have had great service. Love all the staff!!"

Review Verified on 2/24/2017
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"The staff at Edina Orthondontics is wonderful. They're very knowledgeable, professional, personable and helpful. They're quick to address any concerns or issues. Appointment times and locations are convenient. It was especially helpful that they were able to work closely with our dentist. Overall, it's been a great experience."

Review Verified on 2/20/2017
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"Oops, didn't wear retainer enough and 2 front teeth moved a bit. No drama or lectures just fixing the problems with different retainer. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 2/16/2017
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"It's been a wonderful experience, from the initial consults and every appointment since. Everyone is so warm and friendly and made us feel like part of a family. We love Edina Orthodonticts and everyone there!!"

Review Verified on 2/15/2017
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"Edina Orthodontics has given us a great experience. I was a bit concerned that our son, who began the process at age 9, would be a bit overwhelmed, but the staff and docs made it so easy for him to understand the process and commit to taking care of his teeth. The approach is gentle, the people are friendly, and our son's teeth look great!"

Review Verified on 2/8/2017
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"Both my daughter & I both mentioned how organized & friendly everyone was while we were at the office. Front desk women & Dr. Vayda. Thx!!!"

Review Verified on 2/4/2017
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"Always a pleasant experience! Every one is always pleasant and the kids love coming here, more than the dentist."

Review Verified on 2/2/2017
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"We have had a great experience with the staff and dr Holmberg."

Review Verified on 1/30/2017
"Just finished our second child's braces with Ortho Assoc. we've had an amazing experience with Dr Bowlby and all the staff. Very friendly, efficient."

Review Verified on 1/24/2017
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"We had a great visit to your office! Staff was very helpful and friendly. All of our questions were answered. We didn't feel like we were getting a "sales" talk. It was all real and all good! Look forward to our next visit. Thank you!!"

Review Verified on 1/20/2017
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"Always pleasant, always explain each step,staff know us by name! Would definitely recommend to others."

Review Verified on 1/18/2017
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"All 4 of us in the family have had braces here and it has been a great experience!!!"

Review Verified on 1/10/2017
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"They do great work and are wonderful to work with!"

Review Verified on 1/10/2017
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"Amazing service!!"

Review Verified on 1/5/2017
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